Recycled Tiny Shack in a Man-Made Plastic Bottle Island

Who would have thought that a mad genius would make an unbelievable tiny home from recycled garbage that we throw away everyday and transform it into a man-made island out of recycled plastic bottles? Well, British eco-architect Richart Sowa has made this possible!

This amazing floating artificial island was built in Mexico. Although he already built his first island before, it was destroyed by a hurricane in 2005. So he decided to start on a replacement island that he named "Joyxee Island" and has been open for tours since 2008.

His new island has welcomed visitors who drop by at the waters of Isla Mujeres. It was initially 20 meters (66 ft) in diameter, which has since expanded to 25 meters (82 ft), and plants and mangroves are already growing on it. It contains about 100,000 bottles. The new island has three beaches, a house, two ponds, a solar-powered waterfall and river, a wave-powered washing machine and solar panels. Volunteers helped with the project. It is expected that he will continue to make improvements to the island so it will always be a work in progress.

Spiral Island has been featured in a number of newspapers and TV documentaries around the world, including in Japan and South Korea, and has been featured in an episode of the "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" TV series, and on the MTV program "Extreme Cribs" in 2011.

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